This Building Doesn’t Exist Anymore

PhotoComing home from Stockton, driving south on Highway 99, on a hot summer day in California’s Central Valley. This barn / building has been a fixture near the Stockton Airport for years and I’ve always noticed the graffitti changes. Now theres is just a flat spot of dirt where this used to be and the canvas I’ve watched for years is now gone.

The date of this photo is November 2, 2006, I was headed south, home from a shoot in Sacramento – the sunset was turning amazing to the east and I was looking for a opportunity to shoot it when I passed my favorite roadside canvas. Having a couple of spare moments I backtracked to this location to see what I could get.

I still don’t know what it says. ELK Has or something? If so not sure why you’d write that for the traffic heading south on 99. I’ve heard various guesses, leave a coment if you have one of your own.