I began doing photography as a kid. My Dad changed hobbies almost annually and about the time I was 12 or thirteen he got into Photography. Said he’d always wanted to but couldn’t in high-school because it wasn’t cool enough. Metal and Auto Shop were required courses to hang with his group of friends and he would have been ridiculed for taking a nerd class like Photography.

So I guess it was a good thing my friends didn’t care what I did because I learned alot carrying around my old Ricoh SLR back in the day shooting black & white film. However, we were skaters and we were hella cool somebody had to be the kid holding the camera catching us on film. Years later my old camera was stolen and they just don’t pay a young Marine PFC enough to lavish themselves with fancy things like cameras, so it never was replaced.

Since the day it hit the market I had a Sony Alpha 100 and still shoot with Sony / Minolta gear. Ya I know it’s not a Canon, but I’ve spent the last 12+ years learning Photoshop and color correcting photos and come to find out, I still got some of my chops. It was just a matter of remembering the old and applying it to the new DSLR. Still tons to learn – looking forward to gearing up and filling a camera bag with an assortment of toys – all required to do my work of course.

If you’re here because you need a photo, all photos are for sale, need a photographer, my brain is for sale, please contact me using the information on this site. Thanks.