Wedding FAQs

The one thing we do know is that shopping for the perfect wedding photographer(s) is a HUGE task. There are so many options out there and readily available. Hopefully, you can get a glimpse of our photography style by checking out our website.  We would love to meet you in person, but until then here are some important points about our photography services and how choosing us to document your special day will benefit you in the long run. We are so excited to meet with you and talk about your plans for the big day!


Who will be our photographer(s)?

Slightly Obsessed Studios offers a fabulous photography team (if we do say so ourselves): Greg + Andie.  Our photographic voices and personalities are very different. And because we each have our own unique strengths and voices as artists you can relax on your special day, knowing that you are being provided the perfect match and that all bases will be covered (and then some).


How long do you typically shoot on a wedding day?

Our preference is to begin the day with the bride before she puts her gown on, so we can create some beautiful images of the dress, shoes, rings and other intimate details, as well as capture the excitement and energy that occurs as everyone prepares for the big moment.  We stay with our couples the entire day until the DJ begins the general dancing, ensuring that we have time to photograph the cutting of the cake, toasts, speeches, first dances, and any other important reception events that we discuss.  Our wedding photo style is based on the idea of capturing the love story of you and your spouse (to-be) on your wedding day, and for us that means a combination of:

  • Documentation Shots – Details of venues, your gown, floral arrangements, decor, people arriving, setting up, the cake, dancing and everything else in between.

  • Emotion Shots – These are photos of key moments that occur throughout the day. Seeing these will, later, trigger the strong emotions and bring back wonderful memories of your wedding day: “laughter through tears” (my favorite emotion), quiet intimacy, playful moments, etc.

  • Beauty Shots – You’ve spent time and money on looking the best that you can. Here we aim for cool, artistic images that not only make you look great, but flex our creative muscles as well. 

After all is said and done, we’ll leave you to get your party on with your favorite people, without having our two giant flashes in your face!  


What if we don’t need an engagement session?

While not everyone thinks the engagement session is necessary, we really encourage each of our couples to take advantage of the engagement session included in our standard packages.  The engagement session is our opportunity to become comfortable with one another in the photographer/subject roles before the big day.  You get a chance to learn what we’re like behind the camera, and we get a chance to learn what you’re like during a photographic session.  This means that on the big day, you know what to expect and can feel much more comfortable during the portraits and throughout the events.  Trust us, you’ll be glad you took advantage of the opportunity. 


Can we afford this?

It’s your wedding day, the most special day of your life. The rings, the gown, and the flowers are all perfect. Wouldn’t you want your photos to be as well? So many spend countless dollars on DJ’s, a cake, a gorgeous gown, etc. Why wouldn’t you invest in photographers to capture all of your hard work and money spent?

We’ll be straight-up and admit that we know we’re not the cheapest photographers on the block.  With digital photography becoming an incredibly popular career, there are photographers for every budget available.  It’s important to remember that once your wedding day is over, the cake topper is in the freezer, the dress is off to the cleaners, and everyone goes back to their everyday lives- your photographs ARE what document the story of your wedding!  Don’t be left wishing you had better photos of your special moment. Be able to relive your moment over and over again, with pictures that bring you right back to the day that marked the beginning of your future together as husband and wife. We like to refer to this as a “Memory Investment”.

We have created a variety of package options starting at our basic à la carte, all the way up to the “whole shabang”.  Packages are a great way to save money on the à la carte prices of our products and services, and can ALWAYS be customized to better fit your needs. 


Do you require a deposit or contract?

A signed contract and a $150 non-refundable deposit is required to book your wedding day. Half of the balance due 30 days before the big day and the remainder amount paid by the day before the wedding.


My daughter’s boyfriend’s cousin’s mom’s friend is coming and has a fabulous camera!  Can she help shoot the wedding too?

We really encourage and love to share information with new photographers- during the week, that is.  While we’re very happy that you’ll get even more fun shots of your wedding day from a guest’s point of view, we don’t allow anyone other than the assistant or second shooter to shadow or tag along during the big moments on your wedding day.  As the paid professional photographers, our job is to make sure that nothing gets in the way of doing what you’ve hired us to do!  We are honored that you’ve put your trust in us and we take that trust very seriously. This will be part of the contract, signed by the Bride and Groom.


Do you offer military discounts?

ABSOLUTELY! A 10% discount on sessions is available to brides and grooms who serve OR have served in the United States military, regardless of branch or division.


Do you offer any other additional discounts?

In honor of Kameron and ALL those affected by Autism, not only will a percentage of Slightly Obsessed Studios proceeds be donated to help spread Awareness, we also offer an additional 10% discount on sessions, to families who are touched daily, by Autism or any other disability.


“Everybody has a story and we want to help you write yours.”

Greg + Andie