Extreme Sequence Photography

I have always enjoyed sequence photography. Since browsing Thrasher magazine issues from the 80’s. I don’t have too fancy a camera so I don’t get 7-10 Frames per Second, but it would be nice. I get about 3 fps and have put together a few sequences of my own to help illustrate the extreme nature of some of these maneuvers.

Death Riders Freestyle Moto-X

This one-handed back-flip was caught pretty well from the second story of the resort. The moto-x show was awesome!

5 Person Stoppie!!!

This was an attempt at sickest trick at the XDL Finals in Vegas. His stunt bike was not running so he had a go at it on his stock street bike. Middle frame on top explains it all - dude in the back had a long way to fall...

Josh Clem Backflip Sequence

This was the one prize winning trick from Sickest Trick at the XDL Finals in Vegas. He tied for first and split the $500 prize.

Kane Front-flip Sequence

Read right-to-left. He did not backflip ONTO the bike

360 BMX

Boardstock demonstration team performing some BMX tricks. Think this was a 360 Tailwhip.

J-Bling with Young Metal Fans

Trying to figure out how to give the Heavy Metal sign. Jason helped the kids onto the bike so that Mom could snap a photo. I was there to catch a sequence. J-Bling: "Everybody go like this" ...he tried to correct himself. Still ended up with the "Hang-Loose" instead.