Meet Greg + Andie

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything…”

We are Greg + Andie (aka “Grandie”), wedding, event and portrait photographers, of Slightly Obsessed Studios, based out of the Central Valley. We have set out in search of our newest adventure, cameras in hand, looking for others who will let us join them on their upcoming event. We have over 40 years of photography experience, between the two of us. So, photography is so much more than a love… It’s an obsession.

Our Clan

Shooting photos, sharing experiences, ALWAYS making new friends, living a fulfilled life through our camera lenses, and having the freedom to be artists without fear, is our very own dream come true. For us, it’s all about Time captured in the perfect synergy of light, composition, emotion and gesture. Photography is somewhat of a window for us, that allows a look into some amazing peoples lives. We love every essence of the LOVE.. what it does to people, who it makes you want to be…and ultimately who you become as a result of being the ones to capture it. Every event, large or small we attend, we are known for our teamwork, humor, and easygoing-ness. Easygoing-ness…Is that even a word? I’ll be sure to add it to the long list of “Andie-isms”.

Since you would like to know a little more about “Greg + Andie”, we will let you in on “the scoop”. Just remember… YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! 


  • We have six kids… yes, you read right… SIX KIDS… between the two of us. “Brady Bunch” much? They are adorable, insanely comedic and we are their greatest fans! They’re sort of a big deal.
  • He served four years in the US Marine Corps. (10% discount to ALL Active or Veteran Military personnel)
  • I have an overwhelming desire to write and cook (and “juice”)… VERY cathartic.
  • He is a classic Introvert (man behind the “curtain”) and I am a storybook Extrovert (your happy “go to” kind of girl). Together we’re the perfect balance.
  • “Laughter through tears” is my favorite emotion.
  • His favorite color is green and he loves anything with two wheels. He is such a “Guy”.
  • There are very few things in life that can’t be cured with a call from my mom.
  • He is addicted to coffee and pretty much has the stuff down to a, very serious, science.
  • I am a huge animal (and people) lover.
  • We are health nuts in the making.
  • He is ridiculously brilliant with computers and anything with a motor.
  • When I get the chance to smell sea air, I sometimes forget to exhale. I also have a similar reaction when laying my head on his chest. (Awwwwwww… I know.)
  • Music moves our souls.
  • In mine and our children’s eyes, there is nothing he can’t do… or fix.
  • We totally have a “Bucket List” and it gets BIGGER every single day!
  • I am lulled in by sappy romance movies and love the sand between my toes. I am such a “Girl”.
  • One of our children was diagnosed with Autism at age two. Kameron is intelligent, funny, has the best laugh of all time, and is nothing short of a ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives that he comes in contact with.
  • We ONLY take pictures of really cool people, so call or email us and be our next “Obsession”!!!  


** In honor of our son Kameron and ALL those affected by Autism, or any other mental disability, not only will a percentage of Slightly Obsessed Studios proceeds be donated to help spread Awareness, we also offer an additional 10% discount on sessions, to families who are blessed enough to be touched daily, by these very special people.